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Annual Awards

Eight prestigious awards along with the Heart & Hands Award and Corporate Community Champion Award honor the various components of the critical nexus between visionary, supportive philanthropy and thriving, creative nonprofit organizations that respond to community concerns and the need for change.

Nominations are taken annually to determine the recipients of the eight awards while organizations have the opportunity to recognize individuals from their own communities with the Heart & Hands Award and businesses with the Corporate Community Champion Award.

Honoring leaders who inspire others to get involved for the betterment of their community throughout their 20+ year careers.

Honoring individuals who have improved their communities through public service over more than 5 years of continuous commitment.

Recognizing an individual who has contributed significantly to the nonprofit community through their volunteer service.

Recognizing an outstanding young person who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism.

Recognizing a for-profit business that has demonstrated its outstanding commitment to philanthropy and community service.

Recognizing a foundation that has demonstrated an outstanding commitment of philanthropy and community service.

Recognizing individuals or pairs who have been made significant impact through their philanthropy over at least 10 years.

Recognizing individuals, families, or organizations who whose dedication to a cause has led to a phenomenal shift, breakthrough, or transformation.


The Heart & Hands Award and Corporate Community Champion Award recognize individuals and businesses for impacts made through volunteerism, philanthropy, and community engagement. All those nominated for these awards are recognized during the annual Utah Philanthropy Day celebration. The Heart and Hands Award shines a light on individuals who go above and beyond in volunteering and philanthropy, while the Corporate Community Champion Award recognizes businesses that give back through corporate volunteerism, social responsibility, and philanthropy.

Honoring people who make significant contributions to an organization's mission through their volunteer or philanthropic service.

Honoring corporations and businesses that make significant contributions to communities in Utah through volunteerism, philanthropy, or corporate social responsibility.

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